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We presume that you are here to determine how we can support your commercial apartment industry activities.

Our activities respond directly to:

  • Property-level information needs - among all properties of 50+ units in size - or;
  • Assessment of current market conditions at both micro, and macro, levels.

Property Level Information

Pierce-Eislen reports on all apartment properties of 50+ units in size in 38 markets throughout the United States.

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Market Conditions Review/Fiduciary Underwriting - Eislen Reports

As an apartment market information user you may already know Pierce-Eislen for our property-level apartment reporting. The Eislen Tállis Index, Topline Report, and Benchmark Report extend property-level reporting to a new standard of market-level status reporting, addressing the apartment industry's most pressing information needs in a format so revolutionary as to not be duplicated by any other data source. Reporting is monthly, by rental household category type: Workforce housing; Low Mid-Range; Upper Mid-Range; and Discretionary (Luxury).

Our Methods

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